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I’m the real Amal

It’s super weird to talk about myself in the third person.

Real talk: Even though I play an inspiring engineering executive on the professional circuit, I’m also a real person and a father of two energetic kids. I work alongside my brilliant spouse, which is sometimes #couplegoals and sometimes …

I’m passionate about shaping a sustainable future. And one extremely impactful way to do that is to empower organizations and communities with innovative technology solutions (there’s plenty of research backing it up).

“My role in the world is to help bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and business strategy.”

You know that feeling of uncertainty when navigating emerging technologies? Or when you procrastinate on implementing that game-changing innovation? Or the fact that your organization’s growth has plateaued…

Think of me like a technology detox specialist, but for your business.

Wait, that sounds weird…

I’m like a gateway mentor to a life-long love affair with technological progress.

Oops… that sounds dodgy too.

Let me put it this way – I’m here to guide you through the complexities of the tech landscape, empowering you to embrace innovation with confidence and drive sustainable growth for your organization and the communities you serve.

Let's talk with me.
I Create Products Not Just Arts
Engineering and Strategic Executive

A senior business leader, electrical engineer, and change manager with experience guiding the development of research and innovation and leading the implementation of engineering programs. Adept at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and business.  Over twenty years of experience in operations management, programme leadership, and strategic technology planning in the energy and space sectors, enabling innovation, delivering win-win solutions, and profitable projects. Committed to empowering people and organisations and passionate about contributing toward a sustainable future.

Strategy Development
Technology Strategy & Road Mapping
Program Management
Change Management
Operations Management
Risk Management

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